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Candidat / Job applicant

This is an information page for candidates / job applicant. On this page you can find some information on what is important for us to process your inquiry quickly and safely.

As a job applicant, it is important that you get into the job ad and find out what the position requires of you.

When designing / writing your application, we recommend that you look at the requirements in the job advertisement against what you can actually master. From this, you must try to establish that your knowledge is the right one for the job.

We recommend that you create a sales pitch of 3 sentences that summarizes who you are and what you can stand for, and that you have what is required for the position.

It is important that you promise nothing more than what you can master …

An application should contain the following documents:

  • CV/Resumes with a picture (recommended)
  • Application
  • School papers
  • Certificates from previous working conditions
  • Certificates, credentials/identification
  • State license (for special professions such as nurses/health care)